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If you have had a tree removed and you are looking for someone to remove the stump then you have arrived at the right place, Tree Cutting & Trimming Hawaii Island. We know that you may have plans for your yard and that having a tree stump on it can prevent you from fully using it. You don’t have to stand by any longer hoping and wishing that you could have the stump removed. With one phone call, we can have it removed for you in no time. Receive the help that you need from experienced tree care professionals.

One major difference between both processes is that tree stump removal removes the root as well as the stump. This is what creates a large hole after removal. However, with tree stump grinding, the stump is ground, and the root is left to decay.

Effective Tree Grinding Service

If you need to have a tree stump removed, you may be wondering what you’ll do with it once it has been removed. Grinding it is what we usually suggest that you allow us to do. This serves as a two-fold benefit to you, as you will be able to reclaim your property and you can use the ground tree stump mulching. We can use a wood chipper so that you can also use it for landscaping purposes. Removing your tree stump has its benefits if you choose to use it to do something else.

Removing Several Stumps

Rather than having just one of the tree stumps that sit on your property removed, why not consider having several removed at the same time. If you have several tree stumps on your property then we can take care of them all on the same visit. When you do this, the cost is reduced. Why not save yourself some money and allow us to remove all the stumps. We have the needed equipment that enables us to do this, which is why we urge you to allow us to do this for you. It offers you great value for your money.

Rely on Qualified Professionals

If you’re thinking about having a tree stump removed then there is no other tree care service in Hawaii Island better suited for the job than we are at Professional Tree Cutting & Trimming. We are a team of reputable and reliable professional tree care specialists who give our customers more than they expect. Working with us means that we can quickly come to your aid to effectively remove and grind/chip any tree stumps that remain on your property. We are qualified and experienced, which enables us to effectively address your stump removal needs.

Quality Stump Removal and Grinding Service

If getting the most for your money is important to you then you won’t hesitate to rely on us to help remove or grind your tree stump. With our quality stump removal and grinding service, we explain the entire process with you before we bring in any of the equipment that is needed to effectively address your service needs. We have experienced tree care professionals so there is no reason to turn to anyone else to remove your stump. We can also remove and grind your stump when we remove your tree.
Stump grinders can be the size of a lawnmower or as large as a truck. Most accomplish their task by means of a high-speed disk with teeth that grind the stump and roots into small chips. A typical stump grinder incorporates a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth.

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